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TTC      Foundation in Yoga Course 2023. (1)

British wheel of Yoga Teacher Training 2023/2024 ENROLLING NOW…….

BRITISH WHEEL OF YOGA Teacher Training Course 2022/2023 ****FULL****

British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Course 2021/2022 in Poole *******FULL*******

British Wheel Teacher Training Course 2019/2020 in Poole;****FULL******

British Wheel Teacher Training Course 2018/2019 in Poole;****FULL******

British Wheel Teacher Training Course 2017/2018 in Poole;****FULL******


The aim of the Certificate Course is to educate and enable learners, both professionally and practically, to teach yoga asanas, breathing practices and relaxation to clients that have a wide variety of capacities, capabilities and experiences. The course will equip students with an underlying knowledge and understanding of yoga principles and philosophy but students are also expected to continue to deepen their understanding and knowledge through personal practice and reflection.

20 monthly meetings, on a Saturday in Wimborne. A retreat weekend is included to deepen our understanding of ashram life.


                          British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course:


FOUNDATION COURSE September 2022/2023 ******SOLD OUT****

FOUNDATION COURSE September 2021/2022 *******SOLD OUT***

FOUNDATION COURSE September 2020/2021 *******SOLD OUT***

FOUNDATION COURSE September 2019/2020 *****SOLD OUT****

FOUNDATION COURSE September 2018/2019 ******SOLD OUT******

FOUNDATION COURSE September 2017/2018 ******SOLD OUT******

FOUNDATION COURSE September 2016/2017******SOLD OUT******

FOUNDATION COURSE September 2015/2016 ******SOLD OUT******

Holi-Celebration-in-Udaipur (1)

This wonderful course provides you with all the knowledge and experience of the fundamentals of yoga. Perfect for those wishing to simply deepen their understanding, giving you the tools to create a well balanced home practice.

Get in touch to book your place on the foundation course.

What people said about the Foundation Course:

“The course was so good because of the care, attention, depth and love that Hayley put into it.” SA

“An excellent Foundation Course…it has been amazing. I have learnt so much and really feel I have progressed physically and personally.” BW

“Hayley’s delivery of complex, in-depth subjects, made the accessibility of each part not only attainable but also enjoyable. Very supportive group and a great range to the vast world of yoga…so much to learn!” CT

“Yoga has been brought alive by Hayley’s excellent teaching, warmth, knowledge and humour.” GM

“Hayley is an excellent and inspiring teacher, with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of yoga, that she is able to convey in a clear, warm and humorous way.” JT

“Hayley made the course so interesting with lots of visuals. She is incredibly knowledgeable and shares her knowledge is such a lovely way. Thoroughly enjoyed the course!” VB


For more information about the British Wheel of Yoga’s foundation courses, click here.

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